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COSMOS Release Engineering Minutes May 27, 2008

228740 Change COSMOS SDK content .
Jagmit has to start working on it and try to complete it this week.
215135 Establish a process for running JUnits against a COSMOS build.
(1) Some of the cosmos test cases can not be automated as they depend on TPTP 4.5 and we are facing problem in generating report with TPTP 4.5.
(2) Bobby to work with Jagmit and setup test automation on eclipse build server by the end of week.
(3) Bobby to modify build dashboard to display the result of test automation.
(4) Bobby to send saurabh the details of test project that requires the modification of build path.
215610 Maintain update site for COSMOS plugins.
Saurabh to send TPTP update site script to Len.
216630 Build needs to automate check for legal problems.
Jagmit has to reassign this bug to Ruth for clarification.
228693 Manifests have improper plugin name and plugin provider values.
CA is facing cvs related problem at their site, will wait for it to resolve by end of week.
215611 Jar signing
Len has to send mail to saurabh about the problem he is having for this bug.

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