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COSMOS Release Engineering Minutes March 25, 2008

219490 COSMOS downloads should include source code.
Saurabh posted mockup screenshot for build page chage to include source code. Jagmit needs to start implementing it.
212822 Stable builds should include project set files.
Saurabh to take this defect and start working on it.
219632 Version string for plugins needs qualifier.
Len has uploaded the patch to bugzilla, patch required to checked-in.
215607 Automate the build of config program and command line client.
Saurabh has uploaded the patch to bugzilla, patch required to checked-in.
215135 Establish a process for running JUnits against a COSMOS build.
Bobby is having some problems in executing TPTP junits, opened a bug against this at 222382.
215610 Maintain update site for COSMOS plugins.
Saurabh needs to go throgh the instructions send by Len.
216223 CVS History report does not capture activities of all subprojects.
Jagmit checked in the patch provided for this bug. Reporter needs to test and change the status of this bug.
216591 build "fire alarm" notification email.
Bobby identified that compilation error get logged in console.txt. Bobby needed to get more information about legal problem from Jagmit as he is writing some tool to check for legal problem. So for time being the fix to check for compilation problem will get checked into cvs and for testing purpose all the mails about the build problem will go to Bobby's mail id.
216626 apache muse and wsdl4j should be in cvs.
Ruth to clarify which jar files can be checked-in to cvs.
215611 Jar signing
Saurabh to ask Ruth about which certificate to be used for jar signing.Once we get the information Len needed to start on creating script for it.

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