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Minutes for the COSMOS RE/Build meeting Feb 15, 2008

  • Introduced Saurabh Dravid as a new member of the build team from IBM.
  • Reviewed Tania's proposal for the new weekly integration build process: Tania's post

No problems suggested. One point raised in the meeting is that there will now be two emails sent to cosmos-dev: the first announcing that the build is complete and CVS is open (approximately 1:00 PM on Tuesday) and a second announcing that the build has replicated to at least one place and can be downloaded (to be sent approximately 3:00 PM on Tuesday). Also, the Architecture Lead (or perhaps Tania) will contact RE after the Arch call on Wed to tell RE go/no-go decision from the meeting on promoting the candidate driver to official driver.

  • Ruth to send an email to cosmos-dev to propose a new day for the RE/build meeting to fix the problem where this meeting has to be rescheduled on Summit days. No one had any objections to moving the meeting from a Friday.
  • Jagmit identified an issue with moving the builds from the IBM servers to the eclipse servers. The JDK used on the IBM servers is different than the JDK used on the eclipse servers. Rather than destabilize the iteration build (because next week we'll be building the iteration driver), Saurabh will post an email to cosmos-dev proposing that enhancement 206374 be moved to i10. Jagmit will email Saurabh, Bobby, and Ruth with a list of the JDK version differences so that we're all informed.
  • Jagmit asked about bugzilla 216499. It's a documentation bug and the work is ongoing. Should we close that bug or keep it open for future work? Ruth wants to close the bug once we've done what we think needs to be done in i9. For any future work we would open a new bugzilla. That way when the COSMOS Leads look at the work that was done in a previous iteration they'll see all of the work that was done and this will help improve schedules in future. That is, there will be time alloted for documentation because it will be seen that work was done for documentation in previous iterations.

203169 NEW Create script to clean up the builds not linked from COSMOS downloads page
Bobby has done the work. All that's remaining is to check it in.
206374 ASSI Moving Build to eclipse server
Issue as identified above. Jagmit has almost finished the work but to avoid destabilizing the iteration driver this should be moved to i10.
208554 NEW Remove specific local dependencies from classpath definitions - define eclipse classpath variable instead.
Hubert (development) needs to investigate.
210263 REOP Missing copyright tool gives false positives for feature & license files
Initially Ruth tried to assign this work to someone other than Jagmit due to Jagmit's workload but Jagmit said that he has almost finished the work and would like to finish it and check it in. Jagmit retains ownership.
215135 ASSI Establish a process for running JUnits against a COSMOS build
Bobby looking into this. Will know more on Tues whether it's containable by Wed or not.
215536 ASSI Need Component value in Bugzilla
Mark Weitzel to do this one.
215608 NEW SDK missing dependencies
Ruth to check that we have legal approval before build proceeds.
216211 CLOS We need an ongoing build process to facilitate a continuous test loop
Jimmy confirmed that this work has been done under other bugzillas and he will close this.
216223 NEW CVS History report does not capture activities of all subprojects
Ruth was counting on this work to be done for i9 because developers will need to know which files have changed to know which JUnits to re-run. Saurabh will look into this.
216352 CLOS SDK packaging should be done in customTargets.xml
Hubert has done the work.
216529 ASSI Define scope and detail the i9 QA activities Jimmy will close this when everything is finalized.
216591 NEW build "fire alarm" notification email
Bobby will send the information that he has on this to Saurabh so that Saurabh can investigate.
216771 NEW Re-evaluate the packaging structure of COSMOS driver
Ruth to follow up with Development.
217515 REOP Build the new registration plug-ins
Jagmit will complete this.
218840 NEW Build SML MDR for Tomcat
Ruth to check that we have legal approval before build proceeds.
218975 NEW Build logging and stat data managers for tomcat
Ruth to check that we have legal approval before build proceeds.
218977 NEW Remove OSGi data manager from Demo zip file.
Ruth to check with Hubert that this is really necessary for i9.

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