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COSMOS Release Engineering Minutes February 4, 2008

Attendees: Rich, Bobby, Tania, Jagmit, Jack, Julie Halloway

217148 Almost done. 5 minutes.
215357 assigned to Balan (takes approx 1 hour)
209998 fixed
215608 depends on 217148. Jagmit to check if we have legal clearance for these or not yet.
217515 also will take one hour
215607 moved out to i10?
216352 moved out to i10?
216771 should be moved to development? need to check with Hubert. Add as an item on the Architecture call? Ruth to email all of these people and find out what the status is.
203169 Bobby to coordinate with Len. Should move out to i10.
211089 move out to i10
214805 move to cosmos.web
215534 Mark to create the components
215536 Mark to create the component
210263 should be done in i9. half a day
205752 more housekeeping

- moving the builds to the eclipse server, what disruption can we expect?
Jagmit started working on it but moved it back to the IBM servers because one PHP. Half a day of work remaining. debugging takes more time when the build is on the eclipse server. communicate in advance when we're doing it and don't risk the weekly integration build

215135 Bobby to come up with a design for it
216591 Bobby and Jagmit to come up with a design for it

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