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Release Engineering Meeting Minutes - January 25, 2008

Attendees: Tania Makins, Bill Muldoon, Ruth Lee, Leonard Richardson, Bobby Joseph, Jagmit Singh, Mark Weitzel


  • Create an enhancement to request e-mail notifications for daily build breaks, missing copyrights and missing about.html files - Bill Muldoon
  • Update development process to state that developers should pull builds and synchronize their workspaces with CVS weekly at a minimum - Tania
  • Clear targets for all bugs and move only the high priority items to i9 - Tania

Build Wish List Review:

  • Ruth reviewed the wish list with Hubert and opened a top level enhancement request which covers all of the items in the list:216501
  • It would be good to have a process to make people aware if the daily build is broken, including Legal issues like missing copyrights. - Bill will open a bugzilla to capture that requirement
  • Developers should pull daily builds regularly, and synchronize their workspaces with CVS at least weekly to help catch problems earlier. These should be added to our development process. Tania will take the action to make this update.
  • There are several enhancements related to packaging and dependencies. Some may be duplicate enhancements (e.g. 216169 ). Ruth will check with Hubert on this.
  • We should schedule a separate meeting to discuss the roles and responsibilities of the RE team.
  • The list bugzilla items pulled into each build can be viewed on the Downloads page under CVS activities.

The team agreed upon the following priorities:

  1. Establish a process for running JUnits against a COSMOS build - 215135
  2. Enable anyone to run COSMOS build (move build to Eclipse server, complete build documentation) - 206374, 216499, 216211
  3. Send notifications of problems with daily builds (build breaks, missing copyrights and about.html files, etc.) - 210263
  4. Refactor Packaging - 216169

Next steps:

  • We will clear out all of the targets for the current bugs and assign the high priority items to i9. - Tania will get a committer to do this.
  • We will include the build enhancements into Monday's i9 review and assignment discussion

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