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Meeting Title: COSMOS Community Monthly Summit
Date & Time: Friday, May 16, 2008

8:30 am EST - 12:30 pm EST

Toll-free Dial-in number: +1 (877) 421.0528
Primary International Dial-in: 770-615-1258
T/L Dial-in: 421-0528
Passcode: 881103#
Minutes Meeting minutes are on the Talk Page


  • (30 min) Set security implemetation targets and approach (close on ER 216332)
  • (20 min) Capabilities and future directions for MDR toolkit - Jimmy

BREAK (10 min)

  • (60 min) Close on team restructuring plans - Mark & Don
  • (20 min) SDD Update - Jason
  • (20 min) Update on consumer requirements for use cases 2.1.5 and 2.1.6 - Paul & Mark

Action items

  • Security implementation
    • Jimmy & co. to put together a design doc for early next week
    • Talk to Tony next week (Mark already sent the invitation)
  • Organization/packaging of COSMOS deliverables
    • Ruth to talk to Saurabh to find out how much lead time he needs to refactor the zips. Want this in place for version 0.9. Ruth to post to cosmos-dev the drop-dead date for the requirements from the various consumers.
    • Jimmy to identify what packaging his company needs
    • Jason to identify what packaging his company needs
    • Mark to identify what packaging his company needs
  • MDR toolkit
  • Restructure COSMOS
    • Declare a new lead for the data visualization. By default that's been Sheldon.
    • Mark to check with Steve because he's been active behind the scenes. Declare a new lead for the resource modeling if Steve agrees. By default that's been David.
    • Declare a new lead for Management Enablement. Should be SDD and the CMDBf toolkit. New leader of Jason Losh.
    • Declare a new lead for Data Collection. New leader of Jimmy Mohsin.
    • Don and Mark to scope out the work that Compuware is interested in under data collection.
    • Ruth to add bullet to the Summit in October: checkpoint from Don and Mark on where we stand for Compuware's items.
    • Mark will email the inactive people and cosmos-dev to warn of impending committer status removal if they don't state within the next two weeks that they will become active.
  • SDD Update
    • Jason to email Paul, Mark to ensure that the open discussion is at a time that both can attend - Done
    • Jason to review our dev process page to see if we need more detail about our iteration process for reviewing designs - Done
    • Jason to document SDD/SML: "Here this is how it comes together; this is what's going to happen."
    • Jason to focus on next steps of resource handler interface, send out a meeting to the dev list to discuss the design.
  • Update on consumer requirements for use cases
    • Jimmy to come back in a couple of weeks and say how this will work from his perspective

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