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These are the proposed COSMOS related presentations for EclipseCon 2008

Logistics and Schedule

EclipseCon 2008

March 17 - 20, 2008

Santa Clara, CA

COSMOS Conference Attendees: Mark Weitzel (IBM), David Whiteman (IBM), Don Ebright (Compuware), Joel Hawkins (Compuware)

COSMOS presentations:

Monday, March 17

  • TBD - COSMOS F2F Meeting: Agenda

Tuesday, March 18

Wednesday, March 19

  • 5:20 - 7:30 p.m. - Great America Ballroom JK - Poster: COSMOS Architecture Applied to Common Systems Management Scenarios presented by Mark Weitzel (IBM) and David Whiteman (IBM)
  • 8:45 - 10:00 p.m. - Room 203/204 - BOF: Simplifying Complex IT Environments with Emerging Management Standards presented by Mark Weitzel (IBM), Don Ebright (Compuware), Joel Hawkins (Compuware), David Whiteman (IBM)

Thursday, March 20

  • Proposed COSMOS F2F Monday, March 17 and other times during conference TBD.


Introducing the COSMOS Configuration Management Database Federation (CMDBf) Toolkit

In today’s IT environment, there is a vast collection of tools use to manage the enterprise. Many of these tools are specialized for a specific management domain and focus on a specific set of tasks. It is not uncommon to have one set of tools that manage asset information, another that work on configuration information, and yet another set that concentrate on performance data. These tools come from a wide variety of sources, including commercial vendors, open communities, and home grown solutions. Each of the tools typically work on the same set of IT resources although they model and identify them differently. Consider a machine in a data center. The asset tool may refer to the machine through an asset number that was assigned when the physical box was received while the configuration management tool might use a MAC address.

The CMDBf standard defines a the concept of Management Data Repository (MDR). Each MDR must provide an implementation of the APIs that are declared in the specification. These APIs govern how management data can be exchanged between tools. The CMDBf specification is an important step in facilitating cross vendor interoperability. This facilitates the application of higher order management function, e.g. service level agreements, policy, to be implemented across the enterprise.

The COSMOS project will provide a set of enabling technologies, a “CMDBf Toolkit”, that facilitate the creation of CMDBf specification compliant Management Data Repositories. The goal of this toolkit is to provide a reusable framework with well-defined extension points that minimizes the work required to implement an MDR.

Developers that attend this tutorial will learn how to apply the COSMOS “CMDBf Toolkit” to build an example MDR. The MDR will be built on top of a flat file repository provided as part of the COSMOS project. This files in the repository are compliant with the Service Modeling Language (SML) standard.

Upon completion of this tutorial, the Developer will have a solid understanding of integration through the use of federating CMDBs, Management Data Repositories, and the Service Modeling Language (SML).

References: CMDBf Specification: Service Modeling Language:

Category: Emerging Technology Presenters: COSMOS Team, Mark (IBM), Jimmy (CA), Don (Compuware)

Long Talk

"Bringing new management standards to Eclipse" Today’s IT environments are a complex conglomeration of tools, middleware, and protocols. Even to accomplish the most basic tasks, Systems Administrators must learn specialized tools, specific languages and terms for each management domain (e.g. storage, operations). Keeping these environment running 24 x 7 is an almost Herculean task.

The COSMOS project is focused demonstrating how standards can play a key role in simplifying the management environment. This long talk will describe how COSMOS is developing reference implementations of emerging management standards and applying existing implementations to construct an exemplary, standards-based systems management application.

Attendees of this long talk will gain a firm understanding of the Configuration Management Database federation (CMDBf), Service Modeling Language (SML), Solution Deployment Descriptor (SDD), and Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM) specification. The talk will describe how these standards are applied to a basic management scenario that includes resource discovery, configuration management queries, deployment and monitoring.

References: CMDBf Specification: Service Modeling Language: Solution Deployment Descriptor: Web Services Distributed Management:

Presenters: Mark Weitzel, Jimmy Mohsin, (an SDD person??)

Short Talk

Standards based systems management: An Overview of the COSMOS project Category: Emerging Technology

This short talk will present an overview of the COSMOS project. Focus will be placed on how industry leaders such as CA, Cisco, Computer Associates, and IBM, are openly collaborating on the implementations emerging industry standards to construct an exemplary systems management toolkit and framework.

Presenters: David Whiteman


Stop by the COSMOS’ Team poster to learn about how industry leaders are working together to solve some of today’s complex systems management problems. The poster will present the COSMOS architecture and describe how it is applied to several common systems management scenarios.

Category: Emerging Technology

Presenters: All.


The COSMOS team would like to host a Birds of a Feather to discuss how emerging management standards can be applied to simplify today’s complex IT environments. We will be prepared to have in depth conversations on the nuances of key management specifications and how we’ve chosen to implement them in COSMOS. We will also be able to discuss our first hand experience of applying the COSMOS framework to products from our respective companies.

Computer Associates will discuss (and demo) an integration using COSMOS of two of their commercial products

From a CA perspective, we would present the PoC (and it evolution by then). This will highlight that we integrated two products that differ in the following ways: 1. They use totally different types of underlying data stores 2. They come from different technical eras (one being around for decades and one being relatively newer) and were built using totally different developmental approaches 3. They have different business backgrounds (one built internally and the other an acquisition) And all these differences notwithstanding, we are able to integrate these two puppies and put together an over-arching application with relatively little effort using a STANDARD paradigm. That would be a neat BOF topic… What do you think? I assume you will present something similar from your end. Category: Emerging Technology

Presenters: ALL

The COSMOS team would like to host a Birds of a Feather to discuss how emerging management standards can be applied to simplify today’s complex IT environments. We will be prepared to have in depth conversations on the nuances of key management specifications and how we’ve chosen to implement them in COSMOS. How good does our dog food taste? We will talk through the sometimes painful lessons learned when applying our own technology to commercial products. Highlights of the discussion will include integration strategies for products from very different origins and technology base.


I didn't see a slot for this. I'll look around some more, but this is definitely a lower priority.

Take a standards angle: Eclipse has joined JCP, W3C Also work with standards for: Oasis, DMTF,

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