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  • Don
  • Mark
  • Martin
  • Jack
  • Hubert


  • The team discussed the organization of the i11 work. We agreed that it would be most effective to archive inactive plugins and perform some initial code refactoring efforts at the beginning of the iteration to avoid disruption of bug fixing work later.
  • We discussed the bug backlog and agreed that the sizing for i11 was appropriate even though there are a large number of bugs assigned to i11 due to the very minor nature of most of these items.
  • Bugzilla cleanup. There are a few resolved bugs prior to i8 and a few verified bugs that should be closed. We also need to remind the reporters to verify their bugs so they can be closed.
  • Jack requested more focus on logging. This is a key supportability issue which affects consumability. We agreed to discuss next week as the architecture call agenda for next week is full. Hubert is leading this effort.

Action Items

  • Don to close any remaining resolved bugs prior to i8 and send reminders to resolved bug originators.

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