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  • i10 shutdown status 5 min
  • Prioritizing [i11 bugs]
  • Retargeting bugs to i11 that are [unassigned]


  • Don
  • Jack
  • Bill
  • Paul
  • JT
  • Martin
  • Leonard


  • The team discussed i10 status. Bugs 228159 and 228161 need a status update from QA. There are no blocking issues remaining in the latest i10 candidate.
  • Priorities for i11 were discussed and adjusted. Additional input is required from those who were unable to attend.
  • Time did not permit discussion of bugs which are untargeted or targeted to future that should be moved to i11.

Action Items

  • Jack to request QA update on bugs 228161 and 228159 which were presumed to be fixed by the fix for 228441.
  • Don to request additional i11 targeting and priority input from the IBM team members who were unable to attend today's meeting.

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