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  • Finalize agenda
  • i10 bugs
  • i10 shutdown status


  • Don
  • Leonard
  • Hubert
  • Martin
  • Paul
  • Jack


  • Hubert was able to run the e2e scenario on Sunday, but CA has some issues that do not occur in Hubert's environment. Bill was able to work around them using a local copy of the CMDBf WSDL. Hubert is working on creating test cases that exercise the new code under some of the existing scenarios.
  • Linux bug 228374 and Windows data reporting bug 228157 appear to be due to a timeout problem. The group believes that this may be due to references to the CMDBf schema. Bugs 228158 (data reporting), 228161, and 228159 may also stem from the same or a similar root cause. Bill is out today, but he has worked around his timeout issue by hosting the CMDBf schema locally. The UK team will work with Srinivas early tomorrow to determine whether they can be resolved by minor configuration changes.
  • In his testing, Hubert also has encountered issues with handling soap faults. Hubert also opened 228293 (assigned to Ali) for another existing issue. Hubert also opened 228294.

Action Items

  • Bill and the UK team will start the process of validating his CMDBf schema workaround against the other failing cases tomorrow.

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