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  • Status updates and agenda changes
  • Review action items
  • Muse security implementation
  • EclipseCon2008 presentation submissions
  • Timeframe / plan to sync up the CA UI with the COSMOS UI - Jimmy Mohsin
    • Ensure that the CA UI, going forward, is based wholly on the COSMOS UI framework
    • Please note that what CA will show as part of the Oct 22-26 PoC demo will NOT contain this sync


  • Don Ebright
  • Joel Hawkins
  • Dennis O'flynn
  • Carlos Devoto
  • John Todd
  • Bill Muldoon
  • Maosheng Liang
  • Jack Devine
  • Jimmy Mohsin
  • Mark Weitzel


  • The group discussed COSMOS UI and architectural alignment. We agreed to defer that discussion to the UI and architecture calls.
  • We introduced Dennis o'Flynn and Carlos Devoto who hope to contribute to COSMOS security and management enablement.
  • Security and Muse - Since Balan is not present today, we will move this discussion to the mailing list. Mark noted that Cisco is also interested in this area so Joel will schedule a meeting to discuss the design in more detail.
  • Milestone two is scheduled for 3/8/2008.
  • Mark noted that it may be necessary to reschedule the CA MR2 demo. It was also noted that it would be useful to have a recording of this session for later replay, and Dennis suggested contacting Ian Skerrit to see if this could be packaged as an Eclipse podcast.
  • The COSMOS face to face meeting is now targeted for Nov 7 - 9 in Detroit. We also expect to have another such meeting at EclipseCon 2008. The deadline for EclipseCon sessions is November 19.

Action Items

  • Joel to open enhancement request for i8 security implementation and schedule a meeting to discuss.

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