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  • Status updates and agenda changes
  • Review action items
  • i7 scope
  • Firm up timeframes for the CA PoC demo.
  • Dedicated design session for the i7 / i8 Broker and Management Domain in the first week of Oct.
  • Cosmos DC framework technology stack and support matrix


  • Don Ebright
  • Joel Hawkins
  • Mark Weitzel
  • Jimmy Mohsin
  • Hubert Leung
  • John Todd
  • Sheldon Lee-Loy
  • Maosheng Liang


  • Mark requested someone to help to assist CA with the TPTP testing framework and Sheldon volunteered to get the process started.
  • We discussed the CA PoC demo and agreed to schedule this on the week of Oct. 22. We will attempt to set a firm date on this week's architecture call.
  • Mark and Jimmy agreed to schedule a meeting tomorrow to discuss UI considerations.
  • We discussed the schedule for the upcoming face to face meeting.
  • We agreed to discuss the management domain and perhaps data broker designs on the next architecture call.
  • Mark has updated the test plan document and the dependency page to reflect supported platforms. We discussed creating a list of platforms that we hope to support on a best efforts basis that aren't necessarily in the core test plan.
  • Jimmy felt that he needed to wait until after tomorrow's UI meeting before scoping the i7 UI work. The management domain and broker areas are reasonably well understood. We discussed the scope of CMDBf work for i7. Mark stated that he believes that we can deliver significant CMDBf functionality (web services client interfaces and query interface) in i7.
  • We discussed Tania's proposed release schedule. We felt that it was desirable to finish i8 by the end of the year. Mark will post a response to Tania's request for feedback.

Action Items

  • Mark to send out meeting invitation for UI meeting 12:30 tomorrow.

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