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  • Don Ebright
  • Paul Stratton
  • Hubert Leung
  • Bill Muldoon
  • John Todd
  • Maosheng Liang
  • Mark Weitzel
  • Joel Hawkins
  • Chris Craddoc


  • The group discussed the process for reviewing and committing contributions. We decided to schedule a meeting for 11AM EDT tomorrow to review all currently outstanding contributions. Our process for contributions will be:
Post a notice to the developer mailing list announcing a meeting to review the patches attached to one or more specific bugs.
Allow time for the committers for the affected component to review the bug or bugs and any attachments and add comments to the bug.
Meet to review the contributions and discuss whether they meet Eclipse IP standards and fit within project scope and architecture.
Commit approved contributions.
  • We deferred discussion of the iteration / release schedule to this Thursday's community call.
  • We deferred discussion of testing and platform coverage requirements to this Thursday's architecture call.
  • We agreed to schedule a call for 11:30 Friday to discuss the architecture of integration between COSMOS and CMDBf.
  • We discussed IP v6 requirements and concluded that this is primarily a testing issue as we expect any IP v6 issues to occur in the components that we depend on rather than COSMOS components.

Action Items

  • Don to schedule a code review meeting for 11:00AM EDT tomorrow to review Bill's four code contributions and a meeting for 11:30-1:00 EDT Friday to clarify integration architecture between COSMOS and CMDBf.
  • All interested data collection committers to review the patches prior to tomorrow's review.

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