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  • Status updates and agenda changes
  • Review action items
  • Reporting update
  • Progress towards EclipseCon demo
  • Definition of Data Sets



  • Don Ebright
  • Joel Hawkins
  • Sheldon Lee-Loy
  • Craig Thomas
  • Hubert Leung
  • Marius Slavescu
  • Mark Weitzel
  • Seva Sandomirskiy


Sheldon reported on progress in the reporting component. The topology and node reports have been combined. He reviewed the query APIs with Marius and incorporated them into the CBE reports in place of the hard coded XML documents. The statistical query APIs and reporting on some collected perfmon data are a stretch objective for the demo.
The group walked through the demo to identify missing pieces and discuss what needs to be done to finish the demo. Some items that were mentined are:
database of sample data to query
completion of the data query API
possible refinement of the reports

Action Items

  • Mark to work with Marius and Sheldon to get the reporting code checked in to CVS.
  • Marius to add comments regarding the SML topology document for the demo to Bugzilla 172545.
  • Mark and Marius to document appropriate versions of TPTP, Derby, sample application, etc.
  • Don and Joel to create a database import script with sample data from a TPTP log import and perfmon profiling session and check it into CVS

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