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  • Status updates and agenda changes (optional)
  • Review action items
  • Overview of proposed data collection architecture
  • Discuss release 0.5 deliverables
  • Plan for F2F with TPTP in Toronto January 8 - 9



  • Hubert Leung (IBM)
  • Marius Slavescu (IBM)
  • Sheldon Lee-Loy (IBM)
  • Craig Thomas (Groundwork opensource)
  • Don Ebright (Compuware)
  • Mark Weitzel (IBM)


Mark will work with Toni to establish a process to track the overall project plan at the Thursday meetings to promote cohesiveness of the efforts among the project components.

Mark requested Marius to help us to educate ourselves regarding the TPTP EMF models.

The group discussed providing a managability interface to the TPTP AC. We decided that this should be an agenda item for next week's F2F. This capability is not a top priority for the near term deliverables.

Mark expressed concern about the initial description of the proposed data collection query interface. Marius explained his layered data collection control API design. There is a link on the TPTPModel wiki page. We need to discuss this subject further to achieve a clear consensus. This is also a topic that we should discuss at the F2F.


  • Mark to schedule a weekly call to discuss project architecture and the end to end use case.
  • Marius to post a link to the Rose diagrams of the TPTP models and his data collection control API design on the TPTPModel page.
  • Mark to post a link to a page that we can use to develop the agenda for the Toronto TPTP / COSMOS F2F next week.
  • All to post their suggested agenda items on the F2F Wiki page.

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