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In order to collect JMX data from a Tomcat instance using the COSMOS DataCollection engine, the Tomcat instance must first enable remote JMX access. This can be done as follows:

In a command shell, set a JAVA_OPTS environment variable to have the following definitions:


Start Tomcat in this shell. The Tomcat startup script will append these JAVA_OPTS to the startup command line. The tomcat will now support JMX access via port 9999.

If you have TPTP MAX (= Managed Agent eXplorer) installed, you can verify your Tomcat instrumentation by created a managed JMX agent using the profiling support provided by TPTP. Click on the image below to see an example of a configured JMX agent for exploring the root of the tomcat JMX server.


If you don't have MAX installed, you can to a netstat -a to verify that JMX has bound to port 9999.

C:\Documents and Settings\MyWindersBox>netstat -a

Active Connections

  TCP    DTW30657N2:8009        DTW30657N2.clients.nasa.cpwr.corp:0  LISTENING
  TCP    DTW30657N2:8888        DTW30657N2.clients.nasa.cpwr.corp:0  LISTENING
  TCP    DTW30657N2:9999        DTW30657N2.clients.nasa.cpwr.corp:0  LISTENING

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