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Agenda (Mar 25 2009)

  • Jason is unavailable to attend this call today
  • COSMOS schedule Review where we are in the schedule
    • How is the documentation going?
    • How are the examples going?
    • How are the new tests going?
    • Have we allowed in many "stabilization defect" changes?
  • Iteration 3 plan
  • Iteration 3 week 4 test status
  • Toni Drapkin retiring as Project Lead, Ruth Lee retiring as Project Manager
  • Around the room


Attendees: David Saurabh Ruth

status of shutdown

  • RM in good shape. Had the RM and the MDR toolkit one. Defer the RM one (context help). Get that in next iteration.
  • SDD writing the documentation
  • should have the basic end user documentation in place. That can be expanded on as we approach the release.
  • RM writing new tests? Written new tests as we went along. No new ones.
  • David got some mail back from Srinivas who ran the toolkit before. He gave David a couple of things to try.

Iteration 3 plan

  • 259002 Ruth updated the IP log itself, hasn't updated the IP locations because Jason hasn't had a chance to send the locations.
  • David needs to go through the list and ensure that the "clean API" work is done
  • all of the enhancements that are not started are deferred? Sounds like Josh has some work to check in this week and it's been done with Jason's approval.
  • ME tests? Someone other than the developer should run something more than unit tests.
  • Need Jason to update the table to indicate the current status

Iteration 3 week 4 test status

  • Saurabh to speak with Sheldon and ask for tips to help Saurabh to fix the DC & DV tests. If the tests continue to fail, then Saurabh needs to analyze whether the code is broken, the test is broken, or the setup is broken. If this continues to fail then the code should be removed because we shouldn't continue to ship code that fails tests for an unknown reason.
  • is everything visible to the test? Is DOJO installed properly, is Axis2 installed properly, can it find all the pieces that it needs to successfully run?
  • Given that there's a low likelihood that anything has changed, ensure that the machine has everything that it needs to run and that the build has everything that is needed.
  • Requires the tomcat and axis2 location. Was able to run those tests successfully.
  • Plus previously the DC was 100% pass and now there's failures.

Last items

  • Ruth to resign on cosmos-dev, cancel this meeting invitation. Jason to figure out if he wants to continue with a Community call.
  • Jason to speak with Technology PMC, ask what's the right way to resign Toni.

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