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Att: Jason David Ruth

  • Ruth to email Eclipse Legal today
  • Where does documentation need to fall? Do you have to have all of your documentation in place for every iteration or have it done by the end of the release? For each milestone there should be documentation for the features created to that point. Examples too for milestone. When in the iteration does it need to be done? Docs won't be done by the end of development. Docs also need to be tested during the test phase and teaches the QA people.
  • Take two weeks from iteration 4 and add them to iteration 3
  • Documentation could be impacted by new check-ins. Not really mostly features that affect that.
  • Jason and David to review and approve every change to ensure that it's not impacting documentation or destabilizing anything
  • So for iteration 4, 2 weeks of dev and 2 of test? or 3 of dev and 1 of test? Would be interesting to do 2 and 2.
  • Mar 18. Check-in approval starts 9 AM Thurs 19. That takes two weeks up to Wed Apr 1. Documentation contributed, examples contributed, defects that would stabilize the driver, write new tests.
  • Apr 2 dev runs the unit tests for two days.
  • Apr 6 - Apr 17
  • Iteration 4 dev Apr 20 - Apr 29. Apr 30, May 1 unit tests.
  • Ruth to email cosmos-dev with new schedule, update the schedule on the web
  • ME checkpoint on track
  • RM checkpoint on track. David to double-check the help plug-in.
  • DC & DV checkpoint on track. No major changes since COSMOS 1.0 thus this is in good shape.
  • 213635 can be pushed out if we need to. It's necessary for a release, not a milestone. Likely to be deferred but not deferred yet.
  • not started enhancements some are started. We'll know better next week. Some will and some will not be done.
  • Ruth to forward Saurabh's driver email and say that when post your results, post them to this link
  • In our plug-ins, the manifest version number needs to change from 1.0.0.qualifier to 1.1.0.qualifier? The ones that we know changed for sure, but what about the ones that didn't change? If the plugin has not changed, leave it alone.
  • use the Eclipse copyright tool to catch files without copyrights? David provided a wiki that points to the copyright tool. Search for "Eclipse copyright tool". Doesn't have COSMOS in the name because it's general purpose. Also the build reports it in the build reports.
  • Jason to open the plugins by EOD today.
  • Also look in your plugins for the word "incubation", e.g. Remove any references to COSMOS as an incubation project. Easy way to find it is to install the whole SDK and click on the about dialog to see the plug-ins that are loaded. Saurabh to bring up the list and see if he spots any manifest errors. Make this a new test for milestone testing. Install all plugins in an eclipse workspace, list the manifest errors we're looking for.
  • no new additional tests need to be done in addition to the new tests being written with the two additional weeks

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