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Att: Jason David Saurabh Ruth

  • Ruth to add the Milestone test criteria to the cosmos dev process
    • iteration exit criteria
    • clean API etc.
  • Ruth to check with Hubert re: Aperi code
  • 220594 is extremely similar to 213635. almost done with one of them, so the other one could be looked at for an example.
  • everyone to check the list of milestone requirements by the Community call next week and try to do any disruptive ones (e.g. package renames) sooner rather than later
  • missing plugins in the build. where do we stand on that? change analyzer component. Jason never saw a response from Saurabh? Jason to open a bugzilla for Saurabh to start working on it.
  • no TPTP tests for these missing plugins yet; we'll go forward with the existing tests. Add the plugins into the build for next week, will likely be manual tests next week.
  • could also write the tests before writing the code. Test-driven development. Red-green push (red test fails, green code checked in)
  • Saurabh to run another build, Saurabh or Ruth to send announce to cosmos-dev, Saurabh to run end-to-end tests on it

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