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Att: Jason Saurabh David Ruth

iteration 2

  • end-to-end okay for an iteration but not for a milestone or a release. End-to-end is not broad so it doesn't cover all of the ways that you could use it. May not handle everything that it's designed to handle.
  • not aware of the full set of tests that we have but we need to get back to running them
  • end to end tests were run; Saurabh to add a link to the tests on the iteration 2 test page
  • need to patch the candidate driver with the about.html files from bugzilla 259001
  • running the RM TPTP JUnit
  • in iteration 1 there were more problems than running the tests than in iteration 2. For the most part Saurabh is able to test RM successfully.
  • let's not hold up the iteration closure, defer this to i3
  • once Saurabh has patched the driver, will send a note to Ruth to tell her that it's ready
  • Ruth to send a note to cosmos-dev to point to the driver once Saurabh tells Ruth that it's ready, that iteration 3 is open for business.

iteration 3

  • Ruth to update the table to point to the checklists on the COSMOS dev process so that everyone is looking for the same thing

Around the room

  • SAS preparing to commit some code for iteration 3. We have a dependency on some libraries from P2. Do we need to do anything for our IP log?
  • Yes we do. Eclipse wants us to record our dependencies on other Eclipse projects; that's why TPTP and Eclipse Platform are in our IP log already. One restriction is that as a mature project, COSMOS cannot redistribute portions of an Incubation project. It can only prereq. That should be fine because P2 is mature. Ok, then all we need to do is email Eclipse Legal and tell them what we want to do, get their approval, and then we update our IP log to match.
  • Jason to add the information about JARs, where they should be redistributed in COSMOS, etc. in the bugzilla that's in the iteration 3 table. Jason to also confirm that the JARs contain nothing but EPL by checking the about.html files

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