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Att: Saurabh Jason David Brad Ruth

  • did we complete our iteration plan?

259001 on track 260281 not started, needs source code, Ruth to send to Saurabh. Defer. ? TPTP Junits. Saurabh to create a bugzilla for that. This is more for us so that we can have the reporting so we can have the test history. Saurabh to run the manual tests for resource modeling to ensure that it works interactively. But when David runs the TPTP tests, they work. Ensure that the JUnits run without using the TPTP test suite. Saurabh to get this working by the end of the week. Problem is that Saurabh can't build. Tomorrow to set up a test environment here and run the RM test cases on the latest build. Saurabh to run the plain JUnits first, then the TPTP test, will know if the tests are fine if the plain JUnits work. Thus/Fri

  • today Saurabh ran a test build and sent a build to Brad Beck. Saurabh to work with him to find out what the problem is.
  • 260601 not started? haven't had much time to make much progress with that. Thurs/Fri
  • 260464 that one he has a stubbed out version of that which is working. Jason to check to see if he will complete that by EOD today. Second bugzilla for the second iteration to complete this.
  • 260465 second bugzilla for the second iteration to complete this.
  • 260466. Not started because the change resolver component will run the classes. This may turn into a WONTFIX bugzilla. Either way that work is not done for i2 so this can be deferred and may be cancelled.
  • 260720 Defer
  • 260723 had core resolution working, has enough to commit. spawn a second bugzilla if necessary.
  • 260725 same as one above, spawn a second bugzilla
  • 260735 defer
  • 260737 defer


  • Jason to check that the four plugins above use an EPL license.
  • Jason to get copyrights added to the following files:
    • plugins/
    • plugins/
  • Saurabh to create a cron job but if someone there can check if the build has already been run then they don't need to do anything.

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