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Att: Jason Ruth

  • no test status for week 2
  • could be that it is stable, just need to add a statement that it was tested
  • Ruth to contact Saurabh to find out if he'll run the DC, DV, RM tests for this week
  • we were never able to create a build without Saurabh. Net conclusion was that there were environment differences between their machines. Josh and Saurabh to hook up and figure it out so that Saurabh has a backup in future.

Iteration 2 plan

  • several of these need to say started. The items in Josh's name is all started.
  • Jeff has at least a couple of his started although not everything is containable in i2 any more
  • page template doesn't need to be updated, it's just volume of work that is interfering with the status reporting. Jason will keep the page up to date if they don't have the time to update the page
  • look to the bugzilla when target moves as to the rationale why it's moved, no need to add that info into the table

Arch & Project Lead

  • Jason spoke with Mark

Around the room

  • what's Toni's participation? if she's not interested, then CA to step up. If she is interested, to participate more. Jason also wants to grow the community.
  • worthwhile to interest other companies in COSMOS?
  • focus on getting a broader community around this stuff

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