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Att: Brad, Jason, Saurabh, Ruth, David

Status of Iteration 1

  • SDD is healthy for Iteration 1
  • DC is healthy for Iteration 1
  • DV not ready
  • ME toolkit not ready
  • RM validator not ready but everything else was
  • Demo ready
  • We will declare that Iteration 1 driver is not stable, although we will specify which parts are stable. Iteration 2 is the real first "stable" driver that we need. There are some people who will be picking up Iteration 2, no one that we know who will be picking up Iteration 1, so this should be fine.
  • Ruth to email cosmos-dev to state that

Iteration 2 plan

  • SDD has some ideas of what to do, although not posted yet
  • plan needs to be filled out by end of Friday so that everyone knows what we will be working on starting on Monday

Backing up Saurabh

  • Saurabh leaves tomorrow, returning Jan 26
  • Jason to check with Josh, see if he can run the build today. If not then Brad will try to help out.


  • CIM a non-issue at the moment. Jason will need to get the profile approved but not referencing CIM directly, just the profile.
  • JAXB is a prereq, want to get that a redistribute.
  • Ruth to add a link to the Legal from the COSMOS home page and the Resources section of the Community Call
  • Jason to add the JAXB information into the Iteration 2 IP bugzilla that is listed in the Iteration 2 table and Ruth will take it from there


  • Ruth to email Jimmy, ask him to update the Architecture call
    • use the number from the management enablement meeting
  • Ruth to send a post saying that Jason will run the Architecture meeting from now on
  • Jason to continue discussions with Mark, check with David and Jimmy, on what needs to be covered under the Architecture call and other architecture lead responsibilities

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