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  • Saurabh
  • Jason
  • David
  • Pam
  • Jimmy
  • Srinivas
  • Adriane


  • Is October 31st a reasonable target for the documentation. Pam says that's doable provided content is available 10/28. Feedback on install and user guide needed by Friday 10/24 in order to stage this effort.
  • Feedback on doc should go to the public mailing list and not direct email to individuals. Need to be transparent in the feedback.
  • i14 development ends today (10/22). Saurabh will build a driver after 5PM today.
  • QA begins full testing on 10/27. After today subproject leads must approve bugs for that component. In the last week of i14 Mark W. will have to approve fixes.
  • David working on IP issues for how to handle web service pre-requisite for Axis2. Only a subset of Axis2 is approved for use. We should doc which jars we use. Removal of unapproved jars will break some functionality in the MDR toolkit. Important to not phrase this as remove jars instead take the opposite approach and doc those that we use.
  • David to check on Tuscany removal IP CQ to be sure it is acceptable that it stay in for 1.0 given SDD is in research. Hunch is this is okay.
  • David to add links to bugzilla for doc reviews to the community call page
  • Need to review doc to make sure there are no references to installing dojo since it is now included with COSMOS
  • As of today it does not appear that inactive committers have resigned their status. Follow-up is needed here.
  • David questioned whether feature version numbers should be updated in order for the Eclipse update installer to pick up the new version of the feature. This version should only be incremented when we determine that the build is stable.
  • Question about what to do with code for 1.1 given no iterations established. Answer is to go ahead and push this code to head. We will have to establish an iterative schedule for post-1.0 very soon.
  • David, Jimmy and Jason discussed growing the community. HP has expressed interest and the hope is for more involvement starting in 2009. SAP has joined the group focusing on SDD at the moment. Hope is to grow SAP involvment as well. Acresso has also expressed interest in the SDD work and hope is their involvement will ramp up as well. CA World should be a great venue for building interest as well, as the IBM/CA interop and the CA product based on COSMOS will be showcased.

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