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May 7, 2008 - COSMOS Community Call Minutes

Attendees: Tania, Martin, Domenica, Saurabh, Rich, Srinivas, JT, David, Leonard, Sheldon, Jason, Mark, Paul, Jack

Use Case Review:

  • Team walked through the COSMOS 1.0 use cases to determine whether or not they have been satisfied. If not satisfied, targets were set for additional work in i11 or i12, the use case was moved to future (post-1.0) or the use case was marked no longer valid and moved to the archive.

Discussion around specific use cases:

  • Register non-COSMOS MDR - Need to check with Hubert to confirm that the use case has been satisfied. We believe 220949 and 220952 are done.
  • Query for list of MDRs and their status & Take an MDR "offline" or "online" - We do not have a way to do the status checking since we removed WSDM. We need to find a way to manage our MDRs. Maybe we have something we can look at with Aperi.
    • Paul and Jimmy - what sort of requirements are you seeing in these two areas? If we do the investigation it should be based on real product consumption. What types of things do we need to provide hooks for relative to implementation in commercial product?
    • We may want to target this for i12.
    • These two use cases should be sub-use cases of the callback and integration to commercial product. These fall under a consumability theme. Paul and Mark will investigate. We can put this on the agenda for the summit to touch bases on the consumability.
  • Visualizing a CMDBf graph response from an MDR - We can do this visualization now. We may need to create a new use case to capture the customization and maybe tie the BIRT report into that customization. There is some work planned for i11, but it may be pushed out based on limited resource availability.
  • Retrieve the metadata for an MDR - We can display the service metadata as a raw XML document.
    • Do we want to create a viewer to show the metadata in more usable widgets? We think this makes sense.
    • There was a design document created and the work was originally sized at 3 weeks. Can we strip this design down and just do a display? Probably not much. The user will want to see the list of record types available and query capabilities, etc. If we want to display that, we need to organize the metadata. Just presenting it may not be that useful.
    • 215521 is the enhancement. We need to go back and look at the metadata to determine what it makes sense to display, get feedback from internal adopters, and then close on this by next week. Sheldon will add this to the agenda for the next DV call.
  • Generation and consumption of internal COSMOS error - We are focusing on logging for now.
  • Administrator installs the base COSMOS infrastructure - SDD team is proptyping an SDD for what a COSMOS installation would look like and using that for a guide to determine what function we need to implement for the runtime. Jason will likely post prototype out to the wiki this week.
  • Administrator installs a Data Manager - There are probably a few things to consider. One would be that you need to be able to package up and deliver all of the MDR work and binding code to an application. SDD could help establish the parameters that get set in the MDR (e.g. maybe the URL gets established when the MDR gets configured and laid down). The other option is to package everything as a standalone thing. This use case needs to focus on deployment rather than on the standalone piece. SDD is really focused on the E2E use case.
    • There need to be some variables that are set when you are installing a product that exposes MDR interfaces based on COSMOS. For example, we need to know where the broker is (so we need a URL), we need a way to surface our own URL, we need to be able to configure the binding information when you bind to a particular product (e.g. security codes).
    • There is also a question of if someone already has Aperi and they just want to install our stuff, what do we need to do? Does Aperi already install a version of TomCat, etc.?

  • Sheldon proposed that we add two new use cases:
    • Managing the queries
    • CMDBf report

  • Since we did not get through all of the use cases, we will continue this discussion next week.

May Summit:

  • The agenda for the May 16 Summit has been posted. Please add any agenda items you want to cover.

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