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i9 Checkpoint - 22-February-08 Checkpoint

Here is a query of the bugs that were either included in last night's build, or have been approved to be checked in for i9:

Bugs in Feb. 21 build or approved for i9

Jagmit was not able to confirm that the following bugs made the build, so we need to discuss the status of these:

  • 219854 - in build
  • 219807 - checked in, but not in build
  • 219903 - checked in, but not in build
  • 219441 - checked in, but not in build
  • 219763 - Martin attached a patch - Sheldon can apply the patch

New bugs:

  • 219908 - David - When TomCat installation has a space in the path name, get a NullPointerException. Workaround is to move the SML repository to a different directory. David will investigate and will request approval if the fix is deemed low-impact.
  • 219822 - JT - blocker - Graph Response Viewer does not show any data when submitting a query - Mark will approve
  • 219905 - Martin - blocker - IE problem
  • 219966 - Sheldon - blocker - IE problem - might be a one-line change
  • 219968 - Sheldon - blocker - Service metadata is not correct - probably a config file change
  • 219976 - Hubert - (related to enhancement 214903)- Test federating CMDB doesn't seem to register itself with the broker

Process Questions:

We can use this information as a reference point for our checkpoint discussion.

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