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August 30, 2007 - Community Call Minutes

Attendees: Tania, Mark, Sheldon, David, Jimmy, Hubert, Rich, Jagmit


  • Work with Toni to find out the nomination requirements to begin working on the package for CA committers - Tania
  • Schedule time with Janet Campbell to resolve IP issues around Dojo - Sheldon
  • Draft process document describing what is required to complete each iteration, test, packaging and release, etc. - Tania
  • Follow up with Balan on status of release engineering team meetings - Tania

Update on action items:

  • Jagmit has regenerated the i5 test pass report. Sheldon confirmed that the report looks fine.
  • Mark closed on identifying the appropriate component for the WSDM Tooling. It will be part of the Management Enablement component. The team will start working on commits as soon as possible.

Discussion: Demo tab on Downloads page

  • Should we remove the demo tab for now? No, we should keep it. The demo overview instructions should still be correct.
  • We should remove the Network Administration Application and SML validator links, but keep the Demo Overview. We can add a link to the demo zip file as soon as it is available.

Data Collection - update sent by Don

but two were contingent on minor revisions to resolve issues that were identified. Joel Hawkins is working with Bill Muldoon to get these contributions committed. Details of this meeting were posted to the development mailing list.

  • Another special meeting is scheduled for Friday to discuss the architectural implications of incorporating CMDBf support into COSMOS

data collection.

  • Mark: We need to discuss who from CA should be committers on the project. We should wrap up the nomination forms in i6.
  • CA Team Roles:
    • Jimmy is the product manager (His role is to set the overall direction and deliverables for the project. He also owns the architecture and design for all components).
    • Martin Simmons is the architect and lead of the implementation team.
    • They also have a Project Manager and 4 developers: Bill Buldoon and 3 other developers who will start to come online soon
  • Bill and Martin should be the first committers - let's start pulling together a package to make sure this is covered. Tania will find out what is required.

Data Visualization - Sheldon

  • We are continuing to follow the data collection design
  • We need to start tracking down the IP issues relative to DOJO. Sheldon needs to talk with Janet Campbell to go over what she needs. He will set up a meeting with her to go through whether we can leverage the work other projects have done.

Resource modeling - David

  • Ali and David have been working on 200222. Just closed out on design and have begun implementation. Still looking for feedback on the design.

ID - Rich

  • Rich has been working on the SML-IF pdf document. He should have that done today with the installation instructions. He will send to David for review after he gets that done. He will be on vacation most of next week.

Process Discussion

  • Jimmy: When will we do our first integration build around i6? 9/14 is code complete. What are the next steps? Is there a series of documented steps that we need to follow to complete each iteration?
  • Tania should draft something to describe this process. It should include system test, IPzillas, packaging and release. We will need input from the release engineering team.

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