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Attendees: Toni, Mark, Craig, Oliver, Valentina, Don, Rich, Sheldon, Chris Craddock (CA)


  • Valentina will work with Hubert to correct errors on the SMLIF download page
  • Mark and Toni will look into room options for Monday's work session, and will engage Chris as needed
  • Mark will post Toni's charts on EclipseCon wiki

Resource Modeling - Valentina

  • Work for the EclipseCon demo is done
  • Working on SML error output validation, which needs to be implemented in the validator for June - David is working on this
  • There are 16 defects in the SML live validator
  • Valentina sent detailed description document of Resource Modeling plan to Toni and Steven on Friday - no word from Steve yet.
  • She can take the 1st few sentences for use in the EclipseCon write-up
  • Mark tried to download and setup the SMLIF editor, but had problems. He thought maybe he missed a step.
  • Valentina confirmed that no special setup instructions are needed. Mark will try again today and will let Valentina know if he still experiences problems.
  • The download site says that TPTP must be installed. This is incorrect. Valentina will work with Hubert to correct this.

Data Collection - Don

  • Don has been working on defining the milestone iteration deliverables and refining the sales pitch document.
  • Joel has been working on a document describing the architecture. These documents are not 100% final, but we have fair drafts.
  • Based on the comments on the roadmap in the architecture meeting yesterday, we had an emergency data collection meeting this morning.
    *Joel and Don chatted about the deliverables and plan.  
    *It is difficult to plan without resources.  So, Don has defined some things they are committed to providing.  
    *TPTP can also provide assistance with geting their components hosted within the framework, which would form the content of our initial release.
    *Don's team is committed to delivering the data collection framework.  The weakness will be in the number of exemplary components we provide within the framework.  If we attract adopters, they will have incentive to adopt those.
  • Resources are an issue across the project. Perhaps next week, we can figure out what is required and where we are falling short in terms of resources.
  • CA is willing to contribute resources, particularly in the area of data collection.
  • CA is ramping up an effort similar to COSMOS internally. Since they are going to do this work anyway, they would like to sock-step with COSMOS, as this would be a mutually beneficial arrangement.
  • Mark, Don, and Craig, and Chris should sit down to outline what we have today and get in synch. Don has made a first pass at a description document.


  • Use Monday as a working session to drill down into specific pieces that we have identified
    *We don't a room yet.  Toni will figure that out on Sunday when she arrives. Suggestion: post Monday's meeting location on bulletin board where they have the BOF postings. If cost is an issue, Chris can contribute to room fee.  Mark and Toni will do more investigation to try to find a location in advance.
  • Tuesday night - BOF
  • Use Wed night as a formalization and planning night
  • Toni's charts for the EclipseCon short talk are in CVS. Mark will also post them on the EclipseCon page.

Data Reporting - Craig

  • Craig sent a write-up to the dev list
  • His detailed document is available, and has been updated based on Mark's comments. He will get it to Mark for review.


  • Rich has been making updates
  • He will be creating Getting started and Manifest pages, and will be updating the FAQ page
  • To request changes to the site, open a bug in CVS
  • The download page is now working
  • For any information that is on the wiki and now also on the web site, Rich will remove the content from the wiki and add a pointer to the web site

Project Plan

  • Toni posted an initial list of what we want to accomplish on the wiki. Come prepared with your list of anything you want to add.
  • Toni will get an agenda out on the wiki for our planning session

Action Item Updates

  • Mark - Everything is fine on the ipzilla action.
  • Mark is still working on high level document. He will try to have a draft done for Monday.
  • He will post the status of his action items on the wiki.

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