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Attendees: Toni, Valentina, Don, Craig, Mark, Oliver


  • Mark will create a document based on the discussion he had with Don and Craig on ME, send to Don and Craig for review, and schedule a meeting with Oliver to walk through.
  • Mark needs to review the IPzilla items in "awaiting developer" state.
  • Toni will review the IPzilla document again, and follow up with Bjorn.
  • Toni will close on EclipseCon meeting logistics.
  • Component leads need to draft a write-up for their components to fold into messaging for the EclipseCon BOF.
  • Toni will contact WindRiver and previous COSMOS participants to invite them to the EclipseCon sessions.
  • Toni and Craig will post their committer nominations to the developer mailing list for a vote.

Project Status/Plan

  • During EclipseCon we should focus on making sure we walk out with a plan. If you see something that needs to be changed on the project plan (, please update it.
  • Iteration 2 is shown as "at risk" because we don't have detailed plans to make it to the June 29 date.

Resource Modeling - Valentina

  • The SML editor is done - no issues so far
  • Mark is going through the sample today and tomorrow. He will let them know if he comes across any issues.
  • At this point, we are in good shape for tomorrow's demo.
  • Valentina will attend EclipseCon, but needs to confirm that she can attend the COSMOS sessions. She will discuss the March-June plans for Resource Modeling with Steve, and will be prepared to discuss them during EclipseCon.

Data Collection - Don

  • Team has been collaborating over the last week to produce a document which explains the scope and provides high-level, conceptual use cases, along with a description of how SML and other technologies are related to the data collection portion of the project. The document is in the repository in rough form.
  • Joel has been working on design documents. They should be in good shape by the March 1 deadline.
  • Since our deliverables will flow from the design documents, we haven't started scoping them out yet.
  • Joel has been working on prototype code for some time in the general area. So, he is unofficially responsible for the June deliverables at this moment. Don would like to get a formal plan of record by March 1.

Data Reporting - Craig

  • Craig will try hard to achieve the same milestone of descriptor that Don has, but probably won't make March 1. He will shoot for the next week to have starting point for June deliverables.

ME - Oliver

  • Seava ran the demo, and has downloaded and tried some things. He is available to help out where needed.
  • Oliver is having problems getting traction on what's actually developing with ME. Once data reporting and collection settle down, he expects to be able to get more of a clear picture.
  • Mark has had some discussions with Craig and Don about this. He suggests meeting for 30 minutes tomorrow to review this with Oliver.
  • Mark will create an initial document describing this, and send it to Craig and Don for review and comment before meeting with Oliver.


  • Richard is back. He is going to fix some of the links, update the site with proper Eclipse logos for an incubator project, etc. He should have much of this work completed by EOD tomorrow or Monday. He will be back full-time on Monday.
  • He will also move much of the content from the wiki site over to the web site.
  • Put any feedback you have on the dev mailing list, as Richard is monitoring the list.


  • Toni hasn't had a chance to make sure we have all of the IP checks on IPzilla.
  • Mark has the action to review the items that are in "awaiting developer" state. We need to make sure we track and follow up on the other ones.
  • Valentina can help with some suggestions:
  * The first step is not to check in large amounts of code, which we are not doing.  
  * In addition, the source code should have a copyright on every source file.  We can ask Hubert to create a document to notify the committers of files that don't have copyright.  He should be able to set up something automated by EclipseCon.
  • Toni will review the document again and track down Bjorn.

EclipseCon Agenda

  • Toni is trying to get a COSMOS meeting scheduled for Monday evening. In addition, we have a BOF on Tuesday night (public and open session), and a team work session on Wednesday (which Toni will schedule for 3 hours).
  • Since our time will be limited, we need to define the structure of the meetings in advance, so we don't spend meeting time trying to get organized.
  • If Toni gets time for us on Monday, we can use that time to establish what we want to cover. Since the BOF is at 8:45 p.m., we may be able to use the time before the BOF to meet.


  • We should be doing our own rallying and promoting of the BOF session, so that people will know to attend. How is this usually done?

Usually there is a place to post BOF sign-up sheets. We should include a description, and maybe have fliers in addition to the sign-up sheet.

  • This year the BOF's are out on the EclipseCon site. We may be able to augment the information there to include a description.
  • We can also advertise the BOF on the COSMOS page and wiki.
  • Each component lead should come to next week's meeting prepared with the "elevator pitch" for their component. We can fold these into the messaging for the BOF.

Other promotion

  • Will we have time to visit with HP, WindRiver, etc?
  • Toni will make sure WindRiver is aware of our sessions and will encourage them to attend our sessions and BOF.
  • She also plans to get a note out to some of the people who originally participated in the COSMOS calls to let them know about our sessions and encourage them to attend.
  • It was suggested that she also include that we are willing to set up a one-on-one call with them if they are interested in talking more about what's going on.

Press Release

  • We should wait and do a press release post-EclipseCon
  • CA is looking to join and participate. Once they have officially joined, they can participate in a joint press release.


  • As we're checking in code, we need to make sure that the proper code reviews and mentoring is taking place. Project leaders are responsible for making sure that we are following the development process.


  • Toni would like to nominate Harm as a committer. She will put a note out on the developer mailing list to request a vote. We should propose Resource Modeling as the component (Mark, Valentina, Steve, Ali and David are current committers on that component).
  • Craig nominated Toni as a committer. As part of our PMC, Toni will need access to all of the components, and the web page. Craig will post the nomination to the mailing list.

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