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Minutes - 2/8/07 COSMOS Project Team Meeting

Attendees: Toni Drapkin, Judy, Don Ebright, Oliver, Mark Weitzel, Rich, Craig Thomas, Seava


  • Craig needs to close with Sheldon and Don on statistical data model
  • Toni will get an integrated project view for iterations 1-3. Each leader should post their scheuleds here:


Project leaders Update: Resource Modeling Update - Mark Weitzel (for Steve & Valentina)

  • Mark believes SMLIF editor will be sufficient, but we need to check with Steve and Valentina to be sure
  • There is a meeting on this tomorrow at 11am ET. We should ask Steve to update the status after that meeting
  • In addition, he should add any additional milestones that are required

Data Reporting Update- Craig

  • The information on the web site is a week stale
  • All reports are still in progress. They are done for the most part, but there is new API work that is being added.
  • The demo of the system will be completed by Feb. 9 - all is expected to be functional by COB in Toronto today
  • Marias' work is all done
  • Khalid owns the rework of the SMLIF document - that has been completed
  • Everything upstream of Sheldon is completed - he will finish the items on the first 3 rows by COB today
  • Mark will ping them at 6pm today to be sure - we need to get the code into CVS - still awaiting results of the audit
  • Sheldon is working an urgent milestone - updating the set of instructions to make sure they are complete - expect to complete EOD today or early tomorrow
  • We need to add statistical data report milestone - all dependencies have already been met.
  • Sheldon won't have a problem meeting this date. Still have dependency on demo data set.
  • Is Hubert hooking up his query API for statistical data to existing TPTP statistical data model in the ENF? They (TPTP) have made a database representation.
  • There are 120 database tables in his schema - which is a slam of the ENF model into sequel format. It seems nonsensical to manufacture the data in any way except to use TPTP to import into a log file
  • We will be iterating list of milestones for iteration 2

Update - Don

  • Don has no deliverables for March
  • Real deliverables are for June
  • The demo is independent of a collection framework
  • Joel is working on some things for show-and-tell, but no actual deliverables for the demo itself
  • Should have beginnings of project plan toward iteration 2
  • We might need Joel to jump in to make sure we get everything working

Design Documents for June deliverable

  • So far we've outlined some good high-level objectives and have started executing on them (demo and work in Toronto)
  • To mature the project, we need to be able to clearly articulate what we're going to do and end up with a project that can be generally consumed
  • We need a set of design documents that articulate this for each of the components - should target completing this by EclipseCon so that we can review documents while we are all there
  • Oliver - We wanted to build a community at EclipseCon. Don't our plans depend on this? Yes, but we need to be able to answer the question "What are you going to build?"
  • We need to be careful about disclosing exact plans until after EclipseCon
  • Short term deliverables won't be much of a match for what people will be interested in. We should also have a high-level view of what we will bring in terms of value longer-term so that people can see how they fit in.
  • The design documents will be used to drive deliverables for iterations 2-n for June release
  • We have a call tomorrow to talk about what messaging we want to use at EclipseCon
  • We need to close on a schedule for EclipseCon. Available spots are filling up rapidly, so meeting space may be a problem.
  • Per note from Bjorn and Ward, we have until tomorrow to reserve rooms for BOF's or other meetings
  • We also need a room for Mon. night and Thurs. night to have face-to-face working sessions at those times
  • Toni will send a note to Ward to request room space
  • Oliver will see if Florence can help Toni with logistics
  • Mark will open 4 bugzilla requests (one for each component) for the design documents

Website Update - Richard

  • Richard is making progress - finally got CVS to work
  • He should have something up by tomorrow morning following the new format
  • He will post a note to the dev mailing list as soon as it is up there - Toni will post a note in the morning if she sees the site is up and she hasn't seen a note from Richard

New committer status

  • Toni sent another query to Bjorn and Sharon- Sharon responded that they may not take the full 2 weeks. She will put a priority on the new committer forms that we're waiting on. Toni will check back with her on Wednesday.

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