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COSMOS Main Page > Minutes of Community Calls


  • Welcome new participants
  • Open action items from prior mtg
  • Determine if sample SML document can be posted on wiki
  • Reivew Wiki/Web Mock up File:Cosmos Wiki mockup
    • Focal point: Valentina
  • Establish regular SML workgroup calls.
    • Focal point: Steve and Valentina
  • Establish community calls for 2007 (Thursday 1-3 is difficult for Oliver)
    • Focal point: Toni Drapkin
  • Project leader update
    • Data Collection - Don
    • Reporting UI - Craig
    • Resource Modeling - Steve
    • Management Enablement - Oliver
  • Special topics, upcoming events, etc
    • Provisioning systems
      • Confirmation of Subversion v. CVS



Action Items / Results

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