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  • Welcome new participants
  • Open action items from prior mtg
  • Need to focus on simple end-to-end use case.
    • Focal point: Mark Weitzel
    • Target: March 2007. See: use cases page
  • Determine if sample SML document can be posted on wiki
    • Focal point: Valentina
  • Establish regular SML workgroup calls.
    • Focal point: Steve and Valentina
  • Establish community calls for 2007 (Thursday 1-3 is difficult for Oliver)
    • Focal point: Toni Drapkin
  • Project leader update
    • Data Collection - Don
    • Reporting UI - Craig
    • Resource Modeling - Steve
    • Management Enablement - Oliver
  • Special topics, upcoming events, etc
    • Passed Project create review. Next step is to provision systems.


  • Most of the discussion was around the need to organize the wiki site and progress with the subprojects. All agreed we are at the point where we need the website and mailing list so we can more easily communicate. These things will happen once the project is provisioned.


Oliver Cole

Peter Dorfman

Craig Thomas

Toni Drapkin

Action Items / Results

  • Group requested a central way of finding out when items of interest are taking place. for example: when are the other subproject meetings?
    • Toni to bring a proposed update to the group next week.
  • Question raised by Bjorn regarding the Panel discussion at EclipseCon.
    • Oliver to verify with the team the "fishbowl" approach is what will be used.
  • COSMOS passed the project create review
    • Toni to submit the forms to get the project provisioned.

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