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  • Welcome new participants
  • Open action items from prior mtg
    • Mark to send a note to Bjorn (re: is the level of content sufficient for a project review). Status: Completed
    • Initial committer list updated to include Judy.
      • Awaiting confirmation from STEVE JERMAN
  • Project leader update
    • Data Collection
    • Data Reporting
    • Resource Modeling
    • Build to Manage
  • Special topics, upcoming events, etc
    • Project create review scheduled for December 06.
    • Determine if December 14 should be last meeting for year.
    • Need to evaluate alternate day/time for 2007 to accomondate all interested parties.



Steve Jerman

Oliver Cole

Peter Dorfman

Craig Thomas

Mark Weitzel

David Skeen

Brian Vetter

Valentina Popescu

New From Akorri

Tom Riddle

Fred Dalrymple

Action Items / Results

  • Need to focus on simple end-to-end use case. Drive having as much done as possible by March. This will be documented on the use cases page (Mark/Oliver/Craig).
  • Valentina will see if she can post an example SML document on the wiki that we can start iterating over and using
  • Steve and Valentina to establish regular SML workgroup calls
  • We should have community calls through December 21.
    • Work via e-mail logistics for calls next year. Thursday 1-3 is difficult for Oliver
  • Creation review Dec 6.
    • Given the time constraint, Mark to present just the over view section. Everyone encouraged to attend!

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