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Review and finalize Project Creation Review Material

The following items must be decided by the close of the meeting tomorrow:



Oliver Cole, Mark Weitzel, Harm Sluiman, Valentina Popescu, Don Ebright, Craig Thomas, Briam Vetter, Vasya Gorhkov, Peter Dorfman

Action Items / Results

  • Mark to send a note to Bjorn re: is the level of content sufficient for a project review.
  • Adoption of project name: COSMOS was approved
  • Nomination / Finalization of leadership team
    • Toni Drapkin voted in as Management Committee lead
  • SML deliverables validated by Valentina Popescu
  • Initial committer list updated to include Judy.
    • Awaiting confirmation from STEVE JERMAN
  • Harm Sluiman / Valentina Popescu voted in as mentors

Creation Review Presentors

Here is the sections that each person should feel comfortable with presenting at the project creation review. Once we finalize the charts, we can have a presentation preparation session if neccessary with the presentors.

Presentation Agenda

  • Introduction of Community
    • Charts 1-2 (Mark Weitzel)
  • Motivation and Project Overview
    • Charts 3-6 (Mark Weitzel)
  • Resource Modeling
    • Charts 7-15 (Steve Jerman)
  • Management Enablement
    • Charts 16-19 (Oliver Cole)
  • Data Collection
    • Charts 20-22 (Don Ebright)
  • Reporting
    • Charts 23 – 25 (Craig Thomas)
  • Project Structure and Operations
    • Charts 26-31 (Toni Drapkin)

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