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Logistics Time: 1:00-2:00pm ET

Call in number, US: 888 241 8547

Call in number, international: 719 884 0812

Pass code: 999451


  • Attendees:
    • Craig Thomas (Groundwork opensource);
    • Peter Dorfman (Sybase);
    • Don Ebright (Compuware)
    • Vasya Gorhkov (CTO from OCS)
    • Brian Vetter (Alterpoint)
    • Valentina Popescu (IBM)
    • Mark Weitzel (IBM)
    • Toni Drapkin (IBM)
    • David Skeen (IBM)


  • Progress to date on the end-to-end scenario.
    • The e2e view is good but we need to be clear on who the target user is.
    • We need to understand how the work in COSMOS will be used by commercial applications.
      • As a first step we should scope this to a small set of resource, single user type use case.
      • Can we leverage existing use cases (e.g TPTP use cases seem similar)?
    • In order to make progress on the data collection & server use cases needs some progress on the e2e scenario and update of the architecture picture to make progress.
  • Create Review
    • Don indicated he is still struggling with the scope of the project which makes it hard to know where to draw the lines. Perhaps the scope of this project should focus on the interfaces.
    • If this project is focused on a standard way to provide the framework for interfaces that would be clearer.
    • We need to have a way to document requirements otherwise this can become a "build it and they will come" focus which is not what we need.
      • Question to the team, how do the companies on the call intend to use the results of this project? That should be the inital set of requirements.

Action items:

  • Mark to update Create Project Review package for team to step through next week.
  • Brian to update the differentiation page with comments/reviews.
  • Given the short release timeline we are not going to develop the components this team is not going to develop from scratch.
  • We need a f2f sit down where we can sit down and talk.
    • Suggestion is to target EclipseCon and we should include the TPTP team.
    • Eclipsecon panel; we should seek participation beyond this community

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