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Subject: COSMOS Community Kick off meeting minutes - 10/19/2006.


  • Alan Cabrera & Simone Bordet (Simulalabs); Have experience working in apache but are new to eclipse. Interested in open standards and agent api's. not concerned with removal of duplicate technology. open api's are a focus.
  • Craig Thomas (Groundwork opensource); Looking to use open source to build interoperable project around open source monitoring; what is missing is an open standards based common model for gathering data. Groundwork is looking forward to progressing the standards and implementation in this space.
  • Peter Dorfman (Sybase); Open standards are a big focus for sybase. Monitoring and management is of interest. The agent and data normalization layer is of most interest.
  • Don Ebright (Compuware): Cross product integration in system mgmnt with open agent infrastructure, organizing metamodels for exchanging data more real time.
  • Oliver Cole (OC Systems); Software Instrumentation around monitoring and understanding what it means to have monitoring data available to be used for modeling.
  • Roger Castillo (Alterpoint): Alterpoint is developing eclipse technology in network management and wants to work in cosmos to work on tooling around modeling of networks
  • Valentina Popescu (IBM);Working within the Resource modeling subproject/component
  • Mark Weitzel (IBM); Overall architecture and technical leader for COSMOS within IBM
  • Toni Drapkin (IBM); Overall project leader within IBM focused on COSMOS with linkage to SML working groups.
  • Mark Morneault (IBM); Focused on open source within Tivoli brand
  • David Skeen (IBM); Build to manage technical leader within TPTP project.

Note: Interested in participating but unable to attend the kick off:

  • William Vambenepe (HP)
  • Steve Jerman (Cisco)
  • Vijay Tewari (Intel)
  • Harm Sluiman (IBM)


General agreement across the community is that the current state of the proposal is spot on. It is time to move to the next layer of detail around the component / sub-projects.

Keeping the door open around modeling resources will constrain what we see in the first implementation. Alterpoint is looking for anything they can use for modeling, extension, configuration information. <need clarification>.

Within the project scope the term monitor is being used vs. managing. What is meant by monitor and management within COSMOS?

  • Monitor = observation type role
  • Management = control type role

Within COSMOS we should focus on defining frameworks for the interchange of information. There are a number of standards for gathering the data. We need the framework for monitoring and dealing with the lack of standard interfaces.

Sybase has a real full blown monitoring infrastructure today but they want to see additional capability for developing tools around this in a standard way as they are likely to be needed by others (e.g data center operations).

The build to manage description covers alot of possibilities. What is the definition of build to manage for COSMOS?

  • Provide developers the ability to add instrumentation so it its easy to create models.
  • Further clarification will happen as we work through the use cases

Action items:

Identify use cases for each area as follows:

  • Data collection; Peter, Alan, Roger.
  • Build to Manage use case: Oliver, David
  • Monitor UI: Alan, Mark W. , Peter, Craig
  • Resource Modeling; Valentina, Roger

Determine what other Eclipse projects have we can leverage and where we need to provide new code.

  • Open: needs an owner with help from one of the community members

Show which standards will be leveraged by the components

  • Eg. Resource modeling will be in support of SML

Working with the other Eclipse projects determine what they would like to get out of the running system as input to what we consider as requirements for future projects.

Can we set up a wiki site to use as a staging/collection point for our work vs. using email and the newsgroup?

  • Mark Weitzel to find out if we can do this now or if we need to wait for the create review to happen. *done - see below*

Next Community Meeting, October 26 - Agenda

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