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Note: The contents of this page refer to a past CDT summit. For information on other and possible upcoming summits visit CDT/summits


September 14th 2015, Ottawa, On, Canada, hosted by QNX (BlackBerry), 1001 Farrar Rd., Kanata, Ontario. Start at 9:30.

Attendees List

  1. Alena Laskavaia (QNX)
  2. Marc Khouzam (Ericsson)
  3. Mikhail Khodjaiants (Mentor Graphics)
  4. Marc-Andre Laperle (Ericsson)
  5. Doug Schaefer (QNX)
  6. Alvaro Sanchez-Leon (Ericsson)
  7. Simon Marchi (Ericsson)
  8. Marc Dumais (Ericsson)
  9. David Cummings (QNX)
  10. Jeff Johnston (Red Hat)
  11. Matthew Bastien (QNX)
  12. Jonathan Williams (QNX)
  13. Ian Leslie (QNX)


  • 9:30 start
  • 9:30 - 11:00 New look at Launch (Presentation & Discussion) Alena Laskavaia
    • Alena presented experiences/limitations with the existing launch support
    • Discussions on the LaunchBar
      • Integration with traditional launching not complete: recent launch list should be the same
      • Play button gets confused with Resume too easily
      • Terminate gets confused with older Terminate but does not do the same thing.
        • Association of terminate with selected launch in launch bar is not always obvious
        • Should we not have a LaunchBar Terminate? What if you are not using the Debug view?
      • Choosing a launch config will select the launch mode. Is that what the user wants?
      • To choose the default target, should we use the latest target, or the target last chosen for the selected launch config?
      • How to handle attach in a user-friendly way?
      • Visual Studio only allows one session at a time. We find that too limiting although it does simplify the UI
  • 11:00 - 12:15 Light weight build model (Demo & Discussion) Doug Schaefer
    • Doug presented the work he has been doing on Arduino (and the new build model)
    • Content assist works before compiling for Arduino
    • The build is user-triggered
      • Doing the build at project creation slows down project creation and causes codan to show errors until the build is done
    • We could do both: get content-assist to work before build, but still trigger the build but only try to use the build result once it is available
    • Terminal widget in the console view to show output
    • There is error parsing in the background during a build
      • Hyperlinks added to console output to jump to file (we have that already but not shown as hyperlink)
    • A preference file is used instead of a .cproject file and stored in .settings
      • No xml, which makes merges much easier
      • Is handled directly by the platform
  • 12:15-14:00 lunch break
    • Nice group lunch at LoneStar
  • 14:00 - 14:30 New New Project Wizard (Demo & Brainstorming) Alena Laskavaia
    • Alena presented issues with the current project wizard and details about the new new project wizard (double 'new' intentional :))
    • Creating new project is one thing, but important is important too
      • JBoss have an automatic project importer
    • Should we move to the new new project wizard?
      • It should go to the platform but that adds complexity.
      • Can we start with CDT?
      • Don't delete the old new project wizard classes are they are used by others
  • 14:30 - 15:15 DSF problems (Brainstorming)
    • Alena presented some of the annoying aspects of coding for DSF
  • 15:15 - 15:45 Grouping Feature (Demo & Discussion) Marc Khouzam
    • Marc showed a demo of the grouping feature
      • Based on Dobrin from TI's patch
      • Very basic and focused on simple grouping first
      • more features to be added incrementally
      • Issue with different context in the DV showing the same actual thread and the fact that this creates caching problems in the services
        • Doug asked why the VMObject can't be different with the same DMContext underneath. To be investigated
      • Creating groups using regex
      • Creating groups programmatically
      • Creating groups with a configuration file? xml?
      • Groups should be shown in breakpoint filter view
    • Option to only show suspended threads should be in the debug view menu
    • It may be interesting for the debugger to only show the active GDB thread, therefore showing only thread at a time
  • 16:00 - 17:10 CDT 9.0 work
    • We update the wiki linked above with who will champion each effort

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