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CDT/summitfall2010 Montreal

Note: The contents of this page refer to a past CDT summit. For information on other and possible upcoming summits visit CDT/summits
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CDT, Linux Tools Summit 2010


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Ericsson Research Canada
8400 Decarie Blvd., Town of Mount-Royal, Quebec, H4P 2N2, Canada Phone: +1 514 345 2700
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Hotel Ruby Foo’s (walking distance to Ericsson)
7655, Decarie Blvd. Montreal, Quebec H4P 2H2 Canada Phone: 1 800 361 5419, +1 514 731 7701
30 deluxe rooms are blocked, they include Internet, gym, parking, etc.
Ask for the group reservation Eclipse CDT Summit, the rate is 134 $/night, you have to reserve before the end of August.

Special Event Tuesday September 21st

Tuesday September 21st, a dinner reception will be held at the Pointe-à-Callière museum where people can mingle, enjoy food, drinks, the terrace offers an exceptional view of the Old Port, the majestic St. Lawrence, its islands and some of Montréal's most impressive bridges. During the reception people will be able to attend "Where Montréal Was Born", a 45 min. guided tour taking visitors to the heart of an authentic archaeological site: the birthplace of Montreal. The unusual underground route covering six centuries of history, from the times when Natives camped here to the present day, is an emotion-packed look at the very essence of a city born over 360 years ago.

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The Pointe-à-Callière museum, classified national historic site, rises atop the very birthplace of Montréal, on a point of land that once jutted out into the St. Lawrence. This avant-garde museum complex, with three main buildings, combines advanced technology with treasures from the past to showcase the wealth of Montréal history. It is located just a few minutes from downtown, in the picturesque historic district of Old Montréal. The whole museum is reserved exclusively for the CDT, Linux Tools summit.

Montreal Information

Weather The average monthly temperature for September is 60.3°F or 15.7°C
Metro Map Ericsson is located right across Metro station "De la Savane" on the orange line's left branch.
Airlines Flying to Montreal


Some restaurants in Montreal

  • Au Pied de Cochon Not many restaurant serve fois gras poutine.
  • Schwartzs Traditional Montreal smoke meat, cash only no reservation, better to go outside the lunch or dinner time.
  • St-Viateur Bagel Try those bagels when they come out of the oven.
  • Toque Possibly the best restaurant in Montreal.
  • Bateau-Mouche Explore Montréal and its islands to the rhythm of the river.
  • House of Jazz Has welcomed great names of jazz since it opened in 1968 and is both a bar and a restaurant.
  • La Queue de Cheval Renowned for its signature “dry aged” beef.
  • Le NewTown Named after Jacques Villeneuve (original owner) Formula One champion.
  • L'autre Version Old Montreal
  • Muvbox Eat out of a container box...

Some events held in Montreal from Saturday September 18 to Sunday September 25

  • Montreal City of Glass Explore all facets of glass: arts and fine crafts, architecture and architectural integration, history and society, science and ecology, and also industry and recycling.
  • Dream Weavers The Dream Weavers - Costumes by Cirque du Soleil exhibition looks at how characters are created through costume.
  • Montreal Archaeological Exposition Where Montreal Was Born takes visitors to the heart of an authentic archaeological site: the birthplace of Montreal.
  • Montreal Canadiens vs Boston Bruins Wed. Sept. 22 The National Hockey League’s Montréal Canadiens, 24-time winners of the Stanley Cup, play their home games at the Bell Centre.
  • The Magic of Lanterns The Chinese Garden is all aglow again. A thousand of handmade lanterns from China combine to create a fantastic Asian ambiance.
  • Les Tam-tams du mont Royal One of the most original musical events in Montréal, this free festival takes place on Sundays, near the monument to Sir George-Étienne Cartier and in Mount Royal Park's surrounding green spaces. A colorful gathering of drummers, dancers, vendors and their admiring audiences. For twenty years, Montrealers and visitors have come to play music and dance, or just watch and listen.
  • Piknic Electronik Intended to bring music-lovers together in a unique and friendly atmosphere where they can take advantage of the warm weather, enjoy a breathtaking view of the city, and listen to quality electronic music. The Piknic Électronik aims to showcase the best of Montréal’s and international electronic music scene to a diversified clientele, whether new or seasoned music lovers, in an environment created to stimulate the senses. This weekly event is a time of discovery.
  • Pop Montreal International Music Festival More than 400 artists along with thousands of fans will be taking part in this party, which plays out in a number of the city’s alternative spaces. While music is the main focus, conferences, photo exhibitions, a craft fair, kids pop, are also on the menu.
  • Made in Montreal The Centre d'histoire de Montréal, the city museum, offers you the key to discovering Montreal’s multiple identities.
  • And Then There Was Light Celebrate the founding of Montréal and the Notre-Dame Basilica with a spectacular sound and light show highlighting the Basilica's exceptional works of art and bring to life its cultural, architectural and spiritual heritage.
  • Orgue et Couleurs Fall Festival Showcases the multifaceted talents of the organ, spanning the centuries from early music to contemporary, sometimes with forays into jazz and popular music, recital and symphony concert, in a varied schedule of concerts throughout the day.
  • Les journees de la culture For three days, artists, artisans and cultural workers invite you to more than 2,000 free activities throughout Québec. Discover with them the fascinating world of arts and culture through experimentation, observation and exchange.
  • Easter Island, An Epic Voyage This exhibition offers the opportunity to discover the history and culture of the most isolated people on Earth.
  • Montreal Impact Professional soccer club playing in the newly created United States Soccer Federation Second Division, the Montreal Impact is the USL 2009 champion and three-time championship winner.
  • Montreal Alouettes The Montréal Alouettes are members of the Canadian Football League and the 2009 Grey Cup Champions.
  • Festival international de la littérature (FIL) Nearly 200 writers and artists from all disciplines will gather to participate in events that interpret their written words. Events include readings, dance performances, discussions, music and visual presentations.
  • Rouge Cabaret Love, Death, the Terrifying and Beautiful World of Painter Otto Dix

Some things to see in Montreal

  • Chalet-du-mont-Royal The Kondiaronk scenic lookout in front of the chalet offers a striking view of the downtown area and the St. Lawrence River.
  • The Centre d'histoire de Montréal, the city museum, offers you the key to discovering Montreal’s multiple identities. With three floors and as many exhibitions, you’ll live or re-live the whole of the rich, eventful adventure of our metropolis.
  • The Canadian Centre for Architecture is an international research center and museum founded by Phyllis Lambert in 1979 on the conviction that architecture is a public concern
  • Biodome offers a unique concept in the world where plants and animals by the thousands, cliffs and waterways, even the climate itself recreate with stunning realism the four finest ecosystems of the Americas.
  • At the Biosphere treat yourself to its interactive exhibits aimed at increasing understanding of major environmental issues. Participate in its animated activities and special events throughout the year to learn more about day-to-day solutions to protect the environment.
  • Crescent street the place to be during F1 racing.
  • La TOHU is one of the world's largest gathering places for circus arts training, creation, production and performance. It is remarkable not only for its facilities but also for the extraordinary influence its citizens exercise on the international stage. La TOHU is a non-profit organization founded by En Piste, the National Circus School and Cirque du Soleil.
  • Lighting-Tour of Old Montréal Montréal’s historical buildings shine in all their splendour when night falls on the city. Contributing to the timeless appeal of Old Montréal is its splendid lighting which was specially designed to emphasize the beautiful architectural details of these structures, inherited from centuries past.
  • Lachine Canal was built in 1825 as a means of bypassing the Lachine Rapids on the St. Lawrence River. Closed to shipping since 1970, the Lachine Canal National Historic Site now offers a 14-kilometre (8.7-mile) bicycle and pedestrian pathway.
  • Quartier international de Montréal This transition point between the modern hub and the peaceful historic city features some of Montréal’s most daring urban planning projects. Just north of the area named after the artist Jean-Paul Riopelle is one of his works, La Joute.
  • Quartier des spectacles Located in the heart of downtown, Quartier des spectacles is Montréal's cultural heart.
  • The Golden Square mile Around 1900, 70% of all wealth in Canada was owned by residents of this Square Mile, this beautiful neighborhood is lined with gorgeous Victorian homes, leafy parks and trees and a plethora of architectural masterpieces which span the Medieval, Renaissance, Greek and Roman, Gothic and Germanic styles.
  • The Underground City refers to the vast network of pedestrian walkways below the city. There are 33 kilometres of connecting passageways beneath downtown, with the métro (subway), commuter trains and buses also converging here. The passageways serve a more leisurely purpose as it provides access to 40 entertainment venues and attractions.

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