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Note: The contents of this page refer to a past CDT summit. For information on other and possible upcoming summits visit CDT/summits

We'll be having a developers conference Sept 19-21, 2006 in Ottawa. The objective of the conference is to do feature reviews and planning towards the CDT 4.0 release. We'll also discuss new features that we'd like to do that may not be a part of this release but delivered separately.

From Doug's note of 31 July on cdt-dev:
The CDT Fall Summit will be held again this year in Ottawa at QNX headquarters from Sept 19-21. To register, please send me, Doug Schaefer,, an e-mail. There is no cost to attend, lunches will be provided, and we’ll do another social night like we did last year sponsored by the fine people at QNX.

The theme for the conference is: “Here we Grow!”, or maybe not. I’ll have to get the QNX marketing guys to come up with something flashy. The focus of the summit will be technical as we look at the features we plan on adding to the CDT for CDT 4.0 and beyond to meet the needs of our growing community. There’s lots going on in the CDT and we need to make sure we co-ordinate activity and maintain the integrity of the architecture.


The agenda is here.


Who Was There

  • Doug Schaefer (QNX)
  • Dave Inglis (QNX)
  • Thomas Fletcher (QNX)
  • Elena Laskavaia (QNX)
  • Daryl Spitzer (Altera)
  • Mark Melvin (AMI Semiconductor)
  • Neil Rickards (ARM)
  • Mikhail Khodjaiants (ARM)
  • Stefan Bylund (Enea)
  • John Cortell (Freescale)
  • Chris Recoskie (IBM)
  • Beth Tibbitts (IBM)
  • John Camelon (IBM)
  • Leo Treggiari (Intel)
  • Mikhail Sennikovsky (Intel)
  • Mikhail Voronin (Intel)
  • Alexander Zharkov (Intel)
  • Vadim Geraskin (Intel)
  • Greg Watson (LANL)
  • Craig Rasmussen (LANL)
  • Stuart Fullmer (MontaVista)
  • Ken Ryall (Nokia)
  • Ewa Matejska (PalmSource)
  • Robert O'Brien (PalmSource)
  • Jeff Johnston (Red Hat)
  • Bala Torati (Symbian)
  • Andrew Ferguson (Symbian)
  • Lars Kurth (Symbian)
  • Abeer Bagul (Tensilica)
  • Dobrin Alexiev (Texas Instruments)
  • Paul Gingrich (Texas Instruments)
  • Brian Cruickshank (Texas Instruments)
  • Markus Schorn (Wind River)
  • Dave Daoust (Wind River)
  • Pawel Piech (Wind River)
  • Randy Rohrback (Wind River)

Remote Participants via SkypeCast

  • Norbert Ploett (Siemens)
  • Jit Sivalogan (Mentor Graphics)
  • Lori Fraleigh (Motorola)
  • Doug Gaff (Wind River)
  • Tianchao Li (TUM)
  • Vivian Kong (IBM)
  • Jason Montojo (IBM)

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