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  • Attendees: Rob (IBM), Jeff (Red Hat), Marc (Erricson), Chris (IBM), Bill (Intel), Vivian (IBM), Mike (IBM), John (Freescale), Pawel (Wind River), Alex (HP), Mikhail (ARM), Markus (Wind River)
  • Minutes
    • CDT Summit
      • three weeks to go, please make sure you sign up
      • Sponsorship in hand, we are working on a final budget to see if we need more
      • Current forcast is for 20 people, less in previous years but a good crowd none-the-less
    • Componentization
      • More rehashing of thoughts, I don't think anything new was presented
      • I think we agree it's a great idea, but need to work out the details
    • Contributions
      • Doug raised the point that the amount of contribution to the CDT is very low right now
      • at least in terms of full-time equivalent (FTE) developers
      • Hoping componentization with strong component leads can help with recruitment

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