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CDT Call October 5, 2010


  • Release Update
  • CDT Summit post mortem
  • Platform bugs update
    • Open Platform Bugs reported by a few key CDT committers:
    • The same list of bugs, but filtered to the ones with patches attached:
    • Key areas that need addressing: build & resources, multi-context debug
  • Moving calls to biweekly



  • 7.0.1 is out
  • Indigo M2 - still 7.0
  • Indigo M3 - CDT 8


  • Build disrupted by replacement. Doug & Vivian to get going again.
  • CDT weekly build page - official builds done on build machine. Feed into train
  • Hudson builds are nightly sanity builds - do not feed as we can't tag from there. Good for sanity testing though.

CDT post mortem

  • Need to organize the smaller sessions, didn't happen organically as hoped
  • Remote worked better than expected thanks to Webex and good conference phone.
  • Put slides up! PDFs can be uploaded to wiki

More frequent CDT calls

  • Try to keep the great technical discussions that happened at the summit going
  • We'll keep the monthly call and add in focused technical meetings in between.
    • Can be called at any time
    • Will consider scheduling some to make sure they happen.

Platform Requirements

  • James has a large number of patches open (~12)
  • Focused on Build Configurations right now
  • Having trouble getting time from platform committers to review, Serge working hard helping, need another
  • McQ joined and promised to help us. Need to get him and John Arthorne on the platform resources call to get some momentum.
  • McQ also promoted e4 incubator as a place that this could be done.

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