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  • Ramp down 5.0
    • Ganymede dates show we need bits available every Monday until June 16
      • Will use Friday morning build as candidate for RCs
    • RC1 on Tues instead of Mon due to holiday
    • Starting in RC3, all bug fixes to be published to cdt-dev list
      • A pointer to the URL for the bug is sufficient
      • Just to raise the visibility of what's changing
      • The CVS logs is the backup.
    • Doug to publish policy to the list and Ganymede wiki
  • DSF needs updating for newer CDT post M7
    • Push to work closer, maybe even integrate DSF builds into CDT???
  • EPP Package now with Mylyn
    • Needs testing
  • E4 Summit May 22-23
    • Flexible resource
      • Ken has a patch to the FFS plugins
      • Chris to publish some other thoughts as well
    • Backwards compatibility
      • What's the real story there?
    • What problems are they solving anyway?

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