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Attendees: Marc, Pawel, Patrick, Alena, Michael and John, Bruce, James, Chris.

CDT 7.0.2 has been release. As we've done in the past, if anyone wants an official tagged build, just ask and we'll fire it off.

CDT 8.0 M6 build March 11 -> release March 14. M6 should be the last milestone for big features. We need to start stabilizing leading up to code freeze at M7.

Google Summer of Code is coming up again. If you have projects you'd like done and time to mentor a student, please sign up. Alena had a good experience with her student last year working on Codan.

JUnits are still failing. We need to take a good look at them and clean them up so we can detect regressions.

Multi-core update:

  • pin/clone, and grouping in the debug view are the only features for Indigo
  • Lots of discussion happening and more should arrive next year
  • gdb multi-process support hard to add, UI needs to be clean, talk more at EclipseCon.

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