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Call information

11/12/2006, 16:00 UTC

Toll Free: 1-866-797-9099
Global Tool Free: 800 7279-1480
Local: 613-787-5142
Conf ID: 2679242




Doug (QNX) Chris (IBM) Jason (IBM) Markus (WindRiver) Craig (LANL) Bala (Symbian) Andrew (Symbian)


  • Andrew looking at adding CIndexProvider extension point
    • Unsure when to let go of PDOM references, Doug suggests a timer of some sort
    • Markus has questions about whether we need to support using some PDOM over renaming projects. Moving projects is different. To be followed up offline.
  • Markus looking at reducing number of resolution problems but is time-limited as needs to start work on type-hierarchy
    • Doug volunteers to look at adding templates to the PDOM
    • Concern about deletion in terms of whether we are tracking reference information
  • Doug looking at the Windows build integration
    • Using the internal builder, and the pdom to fetch #include information for dependencies
    • looking at isStatic causing performance regressions in the trilogy
  • Chris R.
    • Writing up Draft of language extensibilty document
      • concern about potential overlap with new project model
    • Draft design on remote proposal ETA 2 weeks
      • a service model where current IDE functionality is abstracted to a service
  • Jason
    • Chris has committed a patch for truncating PDOM to reducing memory consumption
    • about to propose patch for a paging mechanism for the PDOM, trades small speed reduction for memory gains
    • best cache size seems to be ~60% in practice

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