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February 7th, 2017


  1. Phil Mason (Broadcom)
  2. Steven Flynn (Dell-ENC)
  3. Alvaro Sanchez-Leon (Ericsson)
  4. Marc-Andre Laperle (Ericsson)
  5. Marc Dumais (Ericsson)
  6. Tracy Miranda (Kichwa Coders)
  7. Tim Orling (Intel)
  8. Brian Avery (Intel)
  9. Mikhail Khodjaiants (Mentor)
  10. Jeff Johnston (RedHat)
  11. William Riley (Renesas)
  12. Marc Khouzam (Ericsson)


  • CDT 9.2.1 one month away. RC1 on Feb 13th 2017
  • Language Server Protocol
    • Decoupling of language features from IDE
    • Work had started building a prototype server using libClang but will be refocused on ClandD
    • LLVM community has very recently announced their plan of doing exactly that through the new ClangD project
    • LLVM conference in Germany on March 27-28. Marc-Andre will attend and is trying to organize a BOF on ClangD
  • No more source features
    • All source code automatically included in all builds.
    • If a new feature is created, it will automatically have its source included
  • CDT Newsletter due April 6th
  • Trace Compass webinar will be held on Feb 22nd, 2017
  • Breakpoints improvements
    • Breakpoints are still quite limiting, especially for multi-core
    • When GDB fails to install a breakpoint during launch, the whole launch failed miserably. Mikhail has a patch that at least informs the user of the problem; however gdb 7.11 does not behave well in this case; 7.12 is better but the error message is not descriptive enough.
    • Mikhail to open GDB bugs about it
    • Let's move forward with Mikhail's patch to at least improve things. Mikhail to add Jonah as reviewer to get input.
    • Other improvements need to be expressed to know what work can be done.
      • "Show details" is something we could do if we reach a consensus.
    • We will keep track of the situation and progress in the monthly call
  • Eclipse 4.7 needs a more modern glibc than what RHEL 6 supports. Is this a problem to others? Is there a workaround?
    • There are plans to define a "software collection" for RHEL 6 to support Eclipse Oxygen
    • "Software collections" allow to install a group of packages that are needed to run specific newer tools in a contained environment
    • The "sofware collection" for Oxygen will only be done _after_ Oxygen is released, because it contains Eclipse Oxygen itself
  • Builds timing out
    • Timeout set to 2h30 but still too slow
    • It seems it is related to too many builds on the same HIPP
    • Some core tests hang forever. Apparently there is a deadlock in the indexer triggered by the tests.
      • First step would be to try to fix the deadlock
      • If we can't, we could attempt to timeout the tests and abort the build when we "detect" the deadlock.
    • We should also work with the web masters to improve the performance
  • New build, CMake, UI
    • Doug was ill and couldn't join. We'll keep this on the agenda for next month.

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