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  • CDT 4.0.3 close off
    • Need to finish this week
  • CDT 4.0.4?
    • People can still submit patches and commit fixes
    • Will do official builds as requested
    • If volume is significant we can do a 4.0.4
  • CDT 5.0 M5a
    • We need to test to make sure it works since it'll be on the EclipseCon stick
  • What to do about flexible file system/EFS/Linked Resources stuff
    • Table to the list
    • Doug is leaning back towards EFS
  • API documentation plan or lack thereof
    • Need to come up with a plan to get this in place
    • Doug maintains his committment to co-ordinate this
  • EclipseCon
    • BOF on Wednesday 8:45 p.m., we'll make it an informal get together
  • Debug
    • Need to figure out DSF/CDI co-residency and CDI as an optional component
    • Pawel, Mikhail K, Ken, and John will look at common debug bits to enable CDI and DSF separation
  • Executable view and VisualStudio keys
    • Ken to retarget for M6
  • Multi-config edit for build system
    • In now
  • Features for indexing problem figuring out
    • Markus working on this, people should try it out
  • Refactoring
    • HSR still committed to patch in February
    • It'll only contain a couple of refactorings but will provide a framework for people to add more

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