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   QNX, Intel, Innoopract, Nokia, HP, TI, Craig R., Symbian, Norbert, IBM, ...
   Huge attendance - Let me (Doug) know if I missed anyone.

CDT 3.0.2
   Build Monday, assuming no issues, release a day or two after
   No plans for a 3.0.3 unless major issues are raised.

CDT 3.1
   Callisto M5 coming, due March 3. Doug to propose a plan on how to get there
   PDOM work underway on new index and an index view. Doug to put together 
   Debug new command factories for different variants of debuggers.
      - Flexible hierarchy? required a redesign of CDI. CDI might not work unchanged.
          - If it does work as is, then that is the best case.
      - new build description proposal bug 126221
      - Dependency calculation rework bug 109289
      - per file clean/build
      - multi-config builds.

   Lots of demand for getting together during the week. Still investigating availability of rooms
   QNX has a sponsored tutorial that is free to attend.
      Were planning on educating users, but could expand it to cover ISV with TI/Intel's help.

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