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Doug, Leo, Mikhail, Patrick, John C, Vivian, John L, James, Dobrin, Ken, Marc, Pawel, Andrew G, Alena


- Move to 3.7 M4

- Build configs in the platform resources core. (James)

    - Need to plan the move 3.7

    - UI to include configurations

- Build UI (Doug)

    - Build configs in project explorer

- Multi-core (Marc, Patrick, Dobrin)

    - Pin and Clone

        - Patch available for testing

    - Context grouping

    - Multi-process debugging on Linux

        - Launching difficult

    - Graphical debug view flexible for different layouts

        - How to handle multiple selections

- Debug Platform (Pawel)

    - Darin Wright left

    - Pawel is lead for platform debug component

- Codan (Alena)

    - Working through bugs and new checkers

- Scanner Discovery (Andrew)

    - Still working on it, patches coming and to be reviewed

    - Build stuff in general UI clean up

- EDC (Ken)

    - Fixing bugs and expanding

    - Qt as well

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