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Beth, Chris, Vivian, Rob (IBM), Bill, Mikhail S, Sunil (Intel), Doug (QNX), Ken (Nokia), John (Freescale), Mikhail K (soon ARM), Norbert (Siemens), Craig (LANL), Andrew (Symbian), Markus (Wind River).


  • CDT 3.1.1
Code Freeze Sept 5, Release Sept 19 (at the Fall Conference)
  • Fall Conference
Make sure you get registrations to Doug. We'll look at ways to ensure people can attend virtually.
  • IBM Research Summer Student Yuan Zhang
Beth reports Yuan is doing some cool stuff with static analysis. Interested in contributing model code to CDT, including improved visitor model, call graph, control flow graph, etc. for C.
  • Debugger
Looking at migrating to Wind River's DSF under development as part of device debugging project. Still waiting to see how this will turn out before deprecating the CDI.
  • xlC Component
Will do one off manual build and put on CDT update site.
  • Parser Generator
Cool discussion from three projects using ANTLR (Doug - C#, Chris - C99, Craig - Fortran2003). Will discuss issues we've run across on the list.

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