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  • Attendees
    • Yi Zhang (Intel), Jason (IBM), Marc (Ericsson), John (Freescale), Ken (Nokia), Jeff (Red Hat), Doug (Wind River), Pawel (Wind River), Bill (Intel), Mikhail (ARM), Ted (Wind River), Markus (Wind River), Rob (IBM), Vivian (IBM), Mike (IBM), Elena (QNX), Chris (IBM)
  • Minutes
    • CDT Summit
      • Sept 23-25 at IBM Software Lab
      • Doug to send invite out, start wiki page
      • Rob to send out hotel info
      • include invitation letter reminder for those needing visas. Chris will handle
      • Breakout rooms will be available - 2
    • Componentization - process
      • As we bring DSF in, the CDT project will grow
      • Is it time to define component and component leads to managed the pieces better
        • And so Doug can delegate
      • Let's start discussion on the cdt-dev list and a wiki page

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